●What are IKO Mechatronics products?

The term "mechatronics" is derived from combining the words "mechanism" and "electronics". IKO uses the term "mechatronics" to refer to any positioning device s that controls the movement of linear guides and tables through electrically driven mechanisms such as ball screws and linear motors. However, it is also commonly referred to as electric actuators, precision positioning stages, linear stages, electric sliders, etc.


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●Features of IKO Mechatronics Products

IKO Precision Positioning Tables and Linear Motor Tables were developed by combining IKO's long-cultivated linear motion guidance system technology with state-of-the-art microelectronics technology, resulting in the mechatronics product line. IKO precision positioning tables and linear motor tables consist of a number of carefully selected superior components to that together meet the various requirements from a wide variety of users. The table guide section, which determines the accuracy of the positioning table during operation, is equipped with IKO linear guideways and needle bearings which have been used in ultra-precision machines and machine tools for many years. These IKO products, which have been developed and improved over time, ensure stable accuracy and quality, and enable us to provide highly reliable products.

●IKO Mechatronics Product Types

IKO precision positioning tables and linear motor tables are available in a wide range of single axis module types, as well as high precision and high accuracy multiple axis robot and XY, θ, and Z axis positioning stages. Because the optimum product can be selected according to the required accuracy and application, it is can be used as a high-performance positioning mechanism in a wide variety of machinery and equipment, including measuring instruments, processing machines, assembly machines, cutting-edge flat panel display manufacturing equipment such as LCD and organic EL, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, transport equipment, FA (Factory Automation), and more. The superior performance of our products is proven through their widely accepted use in many different types of equipment, including measuring and processing machines. We also provide electrical equipment for control in one package, which helps to reduce the hours and workforce needed for design and assembly.