Cleanroom Precision Positioning Table TC

IKOCleanroom Precision Positioining Table TC・・・E is the most suitable positioning table for an use in Cleanroom environment such as semiconductor or LCD relative manufacturing equipment and etc. The driving part and slide table guide part inside of table are sealed tightly with stainless sheet and side covers, which prevent dust generating from the table to the surrounding environment.
Cleanliness of ISO Class 3 (Fedral Standard 209D Class 1) can be achieved by IKOCleanroom Precision Positioning Table TC with the original tight-sealing structure.


Product Features

IKO C-Lube Maintenance-free series
Cleanroom Precision Positioning Table TC Detailed description

IKOCleanroom Precision Positioining Table TC・・・E is light-weight, low-cross section, and compact precision positioning table, which is TE table with tight-sealing structure by stainless sheet and side covers. The low dust generating feature from the table to the surrounding cleanroom environment can satisfy the requirement of Cleanliness of ISO Class 3 (Fedral Standard 209D Class 1).
A precision ball screw adopted for the driving mechanism enables high precision positioning. Moreover, lubrication parts, C-Lube built-in linear motion rolling guide integrated in slide table and ball screw provide maintenance-free feature.

1.Cleanliness level equivalent to ISO class 3 (Federal Standard 209D class 1)

By sealing with the stainless sheet and side covers prevents dust generating to the surrounding of the table. In the cleanliness evaluation by IKOmeasuring method, ISO class 3 (Federal Standard 209D class 1) has been achieved.

Cleanliness Measurement

Measuring condition

Item Condition
Measuring device Particle counter
Air velocity in measuring zone 2.5m/s
Measuring air amount 28.3L(1cf)
Measuring time 48 hours
(10 min./time, 1 time/hour)

Schematic diagram of the test equipment

Measurement environment

Data of measured Cleanliness

TC60E300 (Lead of ball screw:10mm)


TC86E940 (Lead of ball screw:20mm)


2.Light-Weight, Low-Cross Section, and Compact

Light-weight and compact positioning table using high-strength aluminum alloy for its main components.
Low cross-section(54mm high for TC60E and 67mm high for TC86E)due to optimum designing of linear guides and ball screws.
Moreover, the structure of various sensors installable on ditch of the side covers contributes to the miniaturization.

3.High positioning accuracy

Higher precision positioning by one rank due to a combination of IKOunique linear motion rolling guide technology and precison-ground ball screws.

4.High corrosion resistance

The main composition parts, Which are made from high strength aluminum alloy coated with alumite treatment and stainless sheet, are excellent in corrosion resistance.

5.Long-Term Maintenance free

Long-term maintenance free operation due to IKO unique C-Lube lubrication part built in the linear motion rolling guide and the ball screw.
This can reduce labor time for lubrication and increase the reliability of the equipment.

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