Alignment Stage SA

IKO Alignment Stage SA uses IKO C-Lube Linear Way L in the linear motion rolling guide portion, IKO Crossed Roller Bearing in the revolving guiding portion, and adopts direct-drive system in the driving portion. It is an alignment stage that realizes low cross section, compact, XYθ movement.
By the combination of high resolution linear scale and full closed loop control, Alignment Stage SA・・・D realizes high-accuracy positioning operation without any backlash.
It is most suitable for alignment processing utilizing image processing such as semiconductor and liquid crystal related manufacturing equipment, and positioning mechanism for measuring equipment and inspection instruments that require clean environments.

Product Features

Alignment Stage SA Detailed description
The Development of SA65DE which contributes to Good Cost-Performance for IKO Alignment Stage SA
X and Y axes of Linear Motor Drive have two options for resolution: 0.1 μm and 0.5 μm.
Alignment Stage Direct-Drive SA・・・D is a low-profile, compact alignment stage capable of XYθ movements, which adopts XY axes in a combination of two orthogonal axes on a moving table. It uses Linear Way type-L and a linear motor drive for the linear guide portion, and adopts a Crossed Roller Bearing and direct-drive motor for the θ table of the rotating guide portion.
Alignment Stage Direct Drive SA・・・D is capable of high accuracy positioning operation without backlash, made possible by combining a high resolution linear encoder to create a fully closed loop control system.
Furthermore, since X-axis moving linear table movement and θ turntable (that is the rotation positioning portion) are standardized, the combination of X axis and θ axis, and alignment table of XY axes can be easily specified.


SA65DE/XS Xθ 軸仕様 SA65DE/X X 軸仕様 SA65DE/XYS XYθ 軸仕様

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