Nano Linear NT・・・XZH

Nano Linear NT, which adopts IKO C-Lube Linear Way ML for the guide of the table, is a high thrust pick-and-place unit driven by linear motor that unifies the motion of X-axis and the Z-axis in a compact arrangement.
Both high thrust and light weight of the moving part of the linear motor are achieved by adopting a method to drive the moving table with a linkage. This and therefore accomplishes a reduction of the takt time.
The driving pattern and the stroke can be changed to match the work requirements by inputting positioning data.

Product Features

Nano Linear NT・・・XZH Detailed description
Pick & place unit driven by linear motor 
Linear motor drive high thrust pick-and-place unit with a unique structure. X-axis and Z-axis with linear encoder are compactly integrated to realize high thrust and high takt positioning.
High thrust and high tact
The motors of the X-axis and the Z-axis are arranged on a plane and balanced. The high thrust and light-weight of the moving part shortens the takt time by using a linkage to drive the moving table.
High resolution and high response
Equipped with an optical linear encoder on both axes, the table achieves both of high resolution and high response by using full closed loop control.
The coil structure integrated to the stator and heat radiation of base facilitates elimination of heat.
Selecting the air cooling option enables a shortening of the takt time.
Moving table with no cable
By adopting a moving magnet design with no cables for use as a multi-axis unit, the table has a simplified wiring process and is suitable for a high cleanroom environment.
Operating monitor function
Operating monitor function of the driver can monitor the operating orbit with a PC.
Motion network is supported
Motion network support
Drivers compatible with motion network EtherCAT, SSCNETⅢ/H, MECHATROLINK, and RTEX are also available, so an advanced system with streamlined wiring can be configured.
EtherCAT is registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by BeckhoffAutomation GmbH,Germany.
SSCNET is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
MECHATROLINK is a registered trademark of Yaskawa Electric Corporation.
RTEX and Realtime Express are registered trademarks of Panasonic Corporation.


Model and size Width of table
Height of table
Stroke length
NT90XZH2510 X axis 29.5 168 25
Z axis 10

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