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Linear Motor Drive

Ball Screw Drive

●IKO Mechatronics Product Types

IKO precision positioning tables and linear motor tables are available in a wide range of single axis module types, as well as high precision and high accuracy multiple axis robot and XY, θ, and Z axis positioning stages. Because the optimum product can be selected according to the required accuracy and application, it is can be used as a high-performance positioning mechanism in a wide variety of machinery and equipment, including measuring instruments, processing machines, assembly machines, cutting-edge flat panel display manufacturing equipment such as LCD and organic EL, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, transport equipment, FA (Factory Automation), and more. The superior performance of our products is proven through their widely accepted use in many different types of equipment, including measuring and processing machines. We also provide electrical equipment for control in one package, which helps to reduce the hours and workforce needed for design and assembly.

In addition to the products listed in the catalog, IKO can also provide custom modifications and solutions to meet your specific requirements. Please contact IKO for more information.