Alignment Table AT

Alignment Table AT is a rotary positioning mechanism for precision angular adjustment which consists of a high rigidity steel table and bed assembled using an IKO Crossed Roller Bearing as a table support bearing.
Alignment Table AT converts linear motion produced by ball screw drive into rotary motion as specified by angular position. Linear Way type L is assembled as a linear motion rolling guide in the ball screw drive mechanism and serves to achieve high accuracy positioning in combination with the precision ball screw.
Alignment Table AT can be mounted on top of the slide table of an IKO Precision Positioning Table in order to obtain a low height XY-θ multi-axis positioning mechanism, which can then be used as an alignment table for precision measuring instruments, inspection equipment, and assemblers.

Product Features

Low sectional height and high rigidity
Low sectional height design and high rigidity are realized by incorporating Crossed Roller Bearing which has high rigidity to loads in all directions.
High repeatability
The rotator which converts linear motion into circular motion is accurately guided by Linear Way L in combination with precision ball screws, and achieves a high repeatability of ± 1 sec.
Three sizes available as series
Three sizes with table diameters of 120 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm are available in this series. They can be selected in order to meet the needs of each individual application.
Also, AC servo motors and stepping motors are available as drive motors.
Driving mechanism of Alignment Table AT

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Linear Motor Drive

Ball Screw Drive

Worm Gear Drive Type

Timing Belt Drive Type