Precision Positioning Table TS・CT

Compact Series is a positioning table incorporating IKOCrossed Roller Way, which has long been established as a precision type linear motion rolling guide. It is assembled in a high rigidity and superior vibration damping slide table and bed made of cast iron together with a precision ball screw in the drive mechanism. This table achieves a low sectional height, high reliability, and high accuracy by making the most of the features of compact, high accuracy and high rigidity Crossed Roller Way. Compact Series includes a single axis type and a two axis type and is widely used in applications requiring high accuracy positioning such as precision measuring instruments, precision assembling systems.


Product Features

Low profile and compact
Small height dimension is achieved even two axis specification with an optimum design adopting crossed roller ways as linear motion rolling guides.
High accuracy positioning
High running accuracy and accurate positioning can be made by ground cast iron slide table and bed, also using carefully selected high accuracy parts.
Optimum design by a large surface of the slide table
Compact Series positioning table has a large top surface of the table. So it is suitable for the machine or equipment whose work is operated on the top surface of the slide table.
Structure and features of Anti-Creep Cage Crossed Roller Way

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