Programmable Controller CTN

IKOProgrammable Controller is a controller for positioning control with high functionality and operability.
You can control various machines and devices with servomotors and stepper motors such as IKO precision positioning tables by using IKO Programmable Controller in combination with various drivers for motor drive.


Product Features

1. High speed and high resolution controls
Both high speed and high resolution controls superior to conventional products are realized with high speed pulse output up to 8 MHz.
2. Super high function
Enables program input up to 10,000 steps.
3. USB interface provided as standard
With dedicated commands, data editing, controller operations and direct execution from PC are allowed.
Also, data can be stored and transferred via USB memory available on the market.
4. System configurations for various controls
As absolute encoders of YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION, Panasonic Corporation, and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation are supported, return to origin operation at the startup is not required.
5. Synchronization control function
Allows simultaneous execution and shutdown of any two axes(gantry mechanism control is possible).
6. Multi-tasking function
Allows simultaneous execution of up to five programs.
7. Streamlined wiring
Thanks to RS422 interface as standard equipment, LAN cable available on the market can be used for streamlined wiring by touch panel or sequencer data communication.

Functions and performance

Command pulse output specification Number of control axis
Four-axis(executable simultaneously)
Max. command level ±2147483647 pulses(signed 32-bit length)
Max. output frequency
8 MHz
Acceleration / deceleration time
0 to 65.533 sec(linear / cycloid / S deceleration)
Output type
CW/CCW pulse, direction command / forward and backward pulse, and pulse with 90-degree difference
Program specifications Input method
MDI, teaching, and PC input via USB
Command input type Absolute command or incremental command
Program capacity
10,000 steps
Function Jump, call, repeat, four arithmetic, logic operation, speed setting, acceleration/deceleration setting, timer control, I/O control,
input condition branching, and various editing functions(creating, erasing, deleting, inserting, and copying, etc.)
Input & output specifications Input No. of input points LS input 16 points
Specific input 16 points
Universal input 20 points(can be extended to 80 points)
Control input Start, stop, emergency stop, forward / backward manual running, return to origin, present position resetting, interrupt, positioning complete, and driver arm input, etc.(selected and assigned by universal input parameters)
Input method
Photo coupler input(non voltage contact or open collector supported)
Output No. of output points Specific output 28 points
Universal output 20 points(can be extended to 80 points)
Operational output Automatic running, limit sensor detection, emergency stop, pulse outputting, return to origin completed,
servo on, driver alarm resetting, proportional control,
and deviation counter clear(selected and assigned by universal output parameters), etc.
Output type Open collector output(DC30 V; 100 mA; MAX)
Input & output power voltage For I/O, DC24 V, 4 A
For Limit, DC24 V, 100 mA
Communication with external devices USB1.1(Mini-B type connector)
RS422(RJ-45 type connector)
Data saving USB1.1(A type connector)
Other major functions USB serial communication(data reading, writing, and direct execution, etc.),
storage and transfer of programs via a USB memory available on the market, position correction by linear scale, backlash correction,
software limit, changing limit sensor signal logic, four-axis linear interpolation, two-axis circular interpolation,
and check functions(I/O monitor, limit sensor monitor, and shutdown conditions monitor), etc.

Some products are not shown in the catalogue. Also, modifications can be made to meet your requirements. Please do not hesitate to make inquiries.