The performance of NT88H is shown in the table below.

Specification / Performance of NT…H

Item Model and size
NT88H25 NT88H65
Maximum thrust(1 N 25
Rated thrust(2 N 5
Maximum load mass Kg 5
Effective stroke length mm 25 65
Resolution μm 0.01 0.05 0.01 0.05
Maximum speed(3 mm/s 90 400 90 400
Positioning accuracy(4) μm 1
Positioning repeatability(5) μm ±0.1
Parallelism in motion A μm 5
Attitude accuracy(6) 5
Straightness in vertical and
straightness in horizontal
μm 1
Mass of moving table Kg 0.7 0.9
Total mass(7) Kg 1.6 2
Ambient temperature and
humidity in operation
0~40℃・20~80%RH(keep dewdrop free)
Notes(1) The duration of maximum thrust is up to 1 second.
    (2) This is based on the case of mounting on a metal mating member material at an ambient temperature of 20℃.
    (3) This maximum speed may not be reached depending on the maximum output frequency of the controller used, and the driver type or settings.
    (4) The value is for the temperature of ambient and product being 20℃.
    (5) When the temperature of the product is constant.
    (6) This represents accuracy in pitching and yawing.
    (7) Mass of the cord is not included.

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NT・・・H Features

IKO Nano Linear NT・・・H is a direct-drive moving-magnet type positioning table, which has magnets and an optical linear scale incorporated into a moving table made of steel, and stator coils and linear scale head incorporated in a steel bed. For guiding parts of the table, an IKO Crossed Roller Way is used in combination with a linear motor and a high-resolution linear encoder to facilitate highly accurate positioning.
Furthermore, except for the linear motion rolling guides, mechanical contact is completely eliminated by adopting the unique design of a wireless moving table in which the linear scale sensor is arranged on the bed. Therefore, the table generates very little dust and provides a high level of cleanliness.
IKO Nano Linear NT・・・H is most suitable for use as a compact positioning mechanism for semiconductor and liquid crystal related equipment and measuring instrument and assembly systems where cleanliness is essential.

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