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NT・・・H Features

IKO Nano Linear NT・・・H is a direct-drive moving-magnet type positioning table, which has magnets and an optical linear scale incorporated into a moving table made of steel, and stator coils and linear scale head incorporated in a steel bed. For guiding parts of the table, an IKO Crossed Roller Way is used in combination with a linear motor and a high-resolution linear encoder to facilitate highly accurate positioning.
Furthermore, except for the linear motion rolling guides, mechanical contact is completely eliminated by adopting the unique design of a wireless moving table in which the linear scale sensor is arranged on the bed. Therefore, the table generates very little dust and provides a high level of cleanliness.
IKO Nano Linear NT・・・H is most suitable for use as a compact positioning mechanism for semiconductor and liquid crystal related equipment and measuring instrument and assembly systems where cleanliness is essential.

Linear Motor Drive

Ball Screw Drive

Worm Gear Drive Type

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