The dimensions of TS220/220 are shown below.

Specification without sensor

Specification with sensor

unit: mm

Identification number Dimensions of table Stroke length EY Height of shaft center
TS125/125(1) 125 125 60 50 52 31.5
TS220/220 220 220 65 120 72 33.5

Identification number Mounting bolt Bed mounting-related dimensions Reference mass(2)
M(3) PX PY d t A1 A2 B1 B2
TS125/125(1) 6-M5 depth 10 70 50 For 4-M5 29.6 12.5 100 15 95 7.5
TS220/220 6-M6 depth 12 150 75 For 4-M6 27.5 20 180 20 180 16.0
Notes(1) The motor bracket is positioned 1.5mm higher than the upper surface of the table.
    (2) Mass of the sensor is not included.
    (3) Too deep insertion depth of the mounting bolt may affect the running performance of the slide table, so never insert a bolt longer than the depth of the through hole.

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TS・CT Features

TS/CT Compact Series Table is a positioning table which incorporates IKO's Crossed Roller Way, a long established precision type linear motion rolling guide. It is assembled in conjunction with a high rigidity and superior vibration-damping slide table and bed made of cast iron together with a precision ball screw as the drive mechanism. This table achieves a low sectional height, high reliability, and high accuracy by making the most of the features of the compact, high accuracy and high rigidity Crossed Roller Way. Compact Series TS/CT includes a single axis type and also a two axis type and is widely used in applications requiring high accuracy positioning such as precision measuring instruments and systems.

Linear Motor Drive

Ball Screw Drive

Worm Gear Drive Type

Timing Belt Drive Type